3 Creative Uses Of Waterproof Bags For Your Travel


3 Creative Uses Of Waterproof Bags For Your Travel

Ever stored your phone next to your water bottle only to have the water sip right into your precious possession? It is frustrating, right? Well, turns out you are not alone. Many have suffered this ordeal multiple times. Thankfully, waterproof bags have found their way to the market now. With these, you can rest assured that your iPhone, watch, mp3 player, and your hard copy books will be kept away from moisture, humidity, rain and even dust particles.

Planning a vacation soon? Have you packed your waterproof bag yet? Do you know how to make good use of it? Here are 3 creative and practical uses of these trendy bags you can consider as you pack for your travel.

1. Laundry management

Wet, soiled clothes follow us whenever we are on vacation, especially the kind that involves swimming on the beach or hiking in the rain. The next time you go on a trip, use a waterproof bag to separate your clean, dry clothes from wet, soiled ones. Roll up your dirty laundry to maximize space, throw them in the bag, carefully zip it up, and toss it away to be dealt with at home.

2. A travel pillow

A travel pillow can save you the frustration of long airport delays and dubious hotel room bedding. The problem? Carrying them is not only bulky but risky in that it can get wet in record time. If you have ever suffered this predicament, don’t worry; next time carry a waterproof bag instead. When your head needs to rest on something, fold the bag once, clip it together and throw your head over it. Just the pressure of you lying on it will compress the bag and make it a great pillow for a few hours or until your plane arrives.

3. Storage for clutter

Clutter while on travel includes such things as cables, electronics, and chargers. You know these can eat up space if allowed to, right? How about using a waterproof bag to control these important essentials in your suitcase? The sturdy material will prevent stray plugs and pongs from piercing through the bag not to mention the added advantage of waterproofing itself.

The above highlighted uses are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg; waterproof bags have diverse uses for the traveler. The next time you are planning a trip around the world, you know what to do to avoid damaging your stuff with moisture. Like any other item, you have to do due diligence of the brand you plan purchase if you want to get the most out of your waterproof bag.

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