3 Key Reasons Why You Need A Mindfulness Coach


3 Key Reasons Why You Need A Mindfulness Coach

In these modern times with all of the daily stresses and strains, many people are looking for a non-medical way to alleviate stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is a practice that enables you to develop self-awareness, enabling you to focus on the present and enjoy the path on the route to getting where you want to be.

Although mindfulness can be practised on your own through a book, this is not a very effective way as you will not be able to understand the whole picture and it is incredibly easy to self-discipline yourself to continue the process. Instead, it is suggested that you work with a mindfulness coach.
A mindfulness coach either works with you individually or as part of a small group through the whole process of mindfulness, leading mediation techniques as well as simple awareness exercises.

Mindfulness has a relationship with meditation and the slowing down of your mind, however, it is important to note that like meditation, mindfulness is not a religious activity. Although the root of mediation comes from Buddhism, this is the source only and instead, the role of meditation within mindfulness is predominantly based on verified medical and psychological research.

So what do I do in mindfulness? The most important concept of mindfulness is that of self–awareness, taking you away from the autopilot mode to a true awareness of the sights, smells and feelings of everyday life. If you have ever simply jumped into your car and automatically driven home or to work and not really been aware of any part of the journey then you have experienced auto–pilot — the total opposite of mindfulness.
Mindfulness is all about everyday life and is designed to be integrated within all activities rather than being a simple thing, you do once a week like yoga or aerobics etc.

So how does it help me? By integrating mindfulness and awareness into your daily routine, you will be present in the moment and thereby not stressing about the future or worrying about the past. It helps you to feel more content with where you are at the present moment, which in turn reduces stress, anxiety and increases general happiness.
Overall, working with a mindfulness coach can help you totally change your attitude towards life. If daily peace and a sense of contentment and self-assurance are aspects that you are striving to achieve then stop struggling to achieve these on your own and start the path to the future with mindfulness

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