3 Simple Ways To Clean Your Tupperware Water Dispenser

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3 Simple Ways To Clean Your Tupperware Water Dispenser

When uninvited guests appear on your doorstep on a bright sunny day and you usher them in, the first thing that they ask is cool water to quench their thirst. It’s at this point that you remember your Tupperware water dispenser.

A Tupperware dispenser is sturdily built and features a nozzle that allows you to dispense the cool water comfortably. Tupperware dispensers do not require much maintenance and are often safe to use. In addition, the water dispenser will hold several gallons of water. In this case, it’s more convenient if compared to keeping water bottles in your fridge.

However, like any other item, the quality of service of the Tupperware dispenser depends on the maintenance practice that you employ. For instance, if you don’t clean the dispenser, the water held may develop an unpleasant taste. It can also expose you to a lot of water-borne diseases.

If you are going to buy Tupperware online today, here are the cleaning techniques to use to get the best service from your water dispenser:

1. Bleach and Water Mixture

This type of cleaning is suited for sanitization reasons. If it has taken you close to 6 months since you last cleaned your dispenser, this is the approach to use. You should:

• Mix one part of the bleach to one gallon of water in the dispenser and allow the mixture to settle for a few hours.

• Empty the mixture and replace it with water. Allow the water to sit for a few days to dissolve the chlorine residues.

• Empty the content and fill the dispenser with drinking water.

2. Lemon Juice and Water Mixture

This cleaning practice is ideal when you notice a slight change of taste in your drinking water. You should:

• Add a half cup of lemon juice to a cup full of warm water.

• Fill the dispenser with hot water and add the lemon juice mixture to it.

• Allow the hot water to settle for at least three hours before you empty the container.

• Wipe the pot with a clean towel.

• Refill the pot with boiling water to flush out the lemon juice deposits before filling it with drinking water.

3. White Vinegar and Water Mixture

In addition to vinegar and water, you need a scrub brush, paper towels, and rubber gloves. This technique is applicable in absence of lemon juice. You should:

• Mix 1 tsp of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water.

• Put the mixture into the Tupperware dispenser and let it sit for 3 minutes.

• Use the brush to scrub the interior.

• Drain the content and rinse the pot with clean water (up to 5 times).

• Use the paper towels to wipe the faucet before filling the dispenser with clean water.

You shouldn’t stay for long without cleaning your Tupperware water dispenser. Using the above techniques, you can get the most from your equipment. Besides, the cleaning protects you from mildew and other water-borne microorganisms.

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