3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Denim Jackets


3 Things To Consider When Shopping For Denim Jackets

It is believed that the first official denim jacket was created by the legendary Levi Strauss in 1880. About a decade before that he had introduced jeans, the tough but comfortable clothing for the working man. It was ideal for miners, cowboys and railroad engineers.

The jacket went perfectly with the jeans. It did not just complete the look but offered the wearer a comfortable and durable outer wear. The classic design was referred to as the three pleat blouse. The denim jacket created a fashion as well as social statement that would resonate with every generation to come.

Finding the Perfect One

When you are shopping for denim jackets you are likely to find them in different styles and designs. Furthermore, you are likely to find access to more options online than you would at a local store. Finding one that is right for you is kind of like discovering what you are all about. And while that is true, the style and length of the jacket can transform the look you are trying to achieve.

The Fit

The manner in which a garment drapes against the body affects comfort and also the silhouette it creates. While many people may think that when it comes to the classic denim jackets, one size fits all, this is not really true. Do take the time to check the measurement details offered by the clothing manufacturer. Even if you opt for one with big shoulders and a boxy shape, reminiscent of the 1980s, you do not want to end up in a jacket that overwhelms your look.

The Color

One of the most fun things about denim jackets is that they come in many colors, and wash options. While one certain color may look great on a pop icon it may not have the same impact for everyone else. When you are choosing from denim jackets keep your hair color in mind. If you are a redhead with bright, deep red tresses, opt for a darker wash. Blondes look great in mid tone and lighter washes. And finally a dark denim jack or a lighter but not faded one would look great with dark hair.

Own Your Jacket

The very essence of denim is not being formal, and just being you. If you like a jacket and you think it looks great, you should go ahead and buy it. In many ways it is your personal statement of style and fashion. If you would like to embellish it with studs, embroidery, patches or paint a design on it, you should customize the clothing to suit your personality.

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