4 Best Careers For Model Retirees


4 Best Careers For Model Retirees

Modeling is a highly sought-after career mainly for the glitz and glam but most importantly, the fat paycheck that comes with it. Unfortunately, it is a short-lived career compared to many others in life. In practice, most female models begin their careers at the ages of 16 and end at 25. Male models, on the other hand, end their careers a little late, at 28.

This begs the question of what to do when the modeling curtains close on you. Obviously, your entire life awaits you and even if you have amassed as much wealth as possible walking runways and doing advertisements, it is highly unlikely that you will sit around doing nothing forever. Below is a list of career paths you can take when age catches up with your modeling career.

1. A stylist

You cannot spend a decade in the fashion industry without becoming a fashion guru. Fashion trends, fabrics, styles, and colors will be thrown at you all the time. How about using this to your advantage once you are out of the runway? You can build a career as a stylist starting with your locality and branching outwards as you go along.

2. Become an agent

You can also follow the footsteps of Tyra Bank and go into the business of becoming a modeling agent. Since you are well-versed the model agency Australia industry, how to become a model, and what to expect as model among other modeling concepts, your career will take off in no time.

3. Open a designer company

Another idea is to start a cloth, jeweler or handbag line. Let your name be your selling point and open as many businesses of this kind as humanly possible. You can actually diversify your income by partnering with other brands looking to be affiliated with you. Most retired models often take this route for reasons best known to them.

4. Become a make-up artist

If you love make-up, you should consider focusing on it as your after-modeling career. There are many ways of doing this; work independently as a make-up artist, create a cosmetics brand geared at educating models on how to take good care of their skin, or develop tons of contacts with cosmetic companies to work with.

Modeling, in essence, has no end. As you teach others how to become a model, open businesses related to modeling, pick up styling and make-up jobs, you are technically promoting the industry by being an asset to it. If you have been wondering about what to focus on when you retire from modeling, the above highlighted pointers will come in handy.

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