4 Radically Retro Items For A Timeless Wardrobe


4 Radically Retro Items For A Timeless Wardrobe

Rockabilly style isn’t at the forefront of fashion every year but it definitely has a very popular niche all on its own. From pinup couture to greaser getups, going rockabilly is just as fun as it is stylish. Whether you are a fan of the 40s and 50s or if you just can’t help but think you were born at the wrong time, here are 4 radically retro items that will paint your closet over with the timeless tradition of life in black and white…

Throwback Tees

From classic rock n’ roll styles to diner tops with a classic vibe, throwback Perth custom tees are a part of everyday style, however, they have their place in rockabilly culture too. Some of our favorites are pinup designs, Sailor Jerry reprints, and bands that are synonymous with an era gone by. We especially love more obscure prints like Buddy Holly and the Crickets and The Big Bopper. While Elvis prints are always a hit… an authentic rockabilly wants to be unique!

T-strap Heels

T-straps were the perfect addition to cigarette pants and flouncy skirts but did you know that they were designed with dancing in mind? The strap across the front isn’t just stylish but also functional. When the big band was a big thing, footwork was quick and the Charleston was in full swing. The strap made it easier to dance in heels. Who knew?!

A-line Dresses

The most popular style of dress in the 50s era was the a-line and if you are a fan of skater skirts than you likely already know a little about this cut. Stars like Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers made this style a go-to for gals of the 50s but you can still snag designs that mimic the time. There are many niche retailers that pride themselves on creating remakes of the old classics you love.
Gingham styles are perfect for a picnic in the park!

Cozy Cardigans

This classic design fits perfectly over retro tees, goes perfectly with heels and adds to your favorite a-line. You just can’t go wrong with a cozy cardigan.

From Perth custom tees with a 50s vibe to a-line dresses that are sure to be a big hit at your next party, going retro is the perfect way to be modern too. Unique is in and there has never been a better time to be classic… especially if you are someone who just so happened to be born in the wrong era. Here’s to a lifetime to being uniquely classic and radically retro!

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