4 Steps For Successful Pull Ups Using Resistance Bands


4 Steps For Successful Pull Ups Using Resistance Bands

Generally, pull-ups are meant to strengthen the muscles of the upper body. The traditional way of doing pull-ups is totally dependent on the upper body strength. What this means is that unless you are physically strong in the upper part, it’s not easy to do the exercise.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do things the old fashion way. Technology has made it easy for you to do the exercise even if you are not physically strong in the upper body. Using pull up resistance bands, you can be able to exercise efficiently. The bands are designed in such away that they provide you with the momentum that you need to pull your body up the bar in repetitions.

To successfully inculcate the resistance bands into your pull-ups workout regime, you should follow these steps:

1. The Warm up Session

Before you start the pull-ups, you should condition your body to the physical activity. You can begin by jumping a rope or jogging for about 10 minutes. The sessions help to moderate your heart to the workouts ahead.

2. Picking the Ideal Band

Normally, the resistance bands are color-coded depending on the resistance level. Yellow bands have the least resistance while black and blue options have the most. Green and red bands, on the other hand, have medium resistance. If it’s your first time, you should start with the least tension as you go up gradually.

3. Loop the Band

You should loop the selected resistance band around the workout bar and tie it securely. You should confirm that the knot is secure before beginning the pull-ups.

4. The Pull Ups

You should:

• Lower the resistance band to the level of your foot and place the dominant foot on it.

• Firmly grasp the pull up bar with both arms widespread.

• Pull up towards the bar by bending your elbows with your chin targeting the bar level.

• Use the momentum of the resistance band to push up and repeat the steps 5-8 times.

Final Remarks

Resistance bands offer a great way to perform a wide range of strength-training exercises without weights. Using the simple steps highlighted above, you should be able to do pull-ups easily and in a fun way. When used accordingly and repetitively in your workout routine, pull up resistance bands are very effective in achieving upper body strength and muscles—you can even add a variety and intensity to your exercises using these bands. What’s more, they are inexpensive and perfect for exercising while travelling considering that they are easy to store.

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