4 Wonder-Worthy Boutique Finds Just In Time For Halloween


4 Wonder-Worthy Boutique Finds Just In Time For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we can’t think of anything better than fall showing up just when we thought summer would last forever! As Hallow’s Eve grows closer and closer to our doorstep, we went boutique shopping in search of the perfect items that we will STILL love this time next year. From the perfect glasses to grace your table to the cutest designs to don at the pumpkin patch, here are 4 wonder-worthy boutique designs that will bring magic to your autumn…

Drink Up

Glass reusable cups come in really handle around the holidays especially when there is a different party around every bend. While fall and winter always offer us plenty of party accessories we absolutely love beautiful elements that we want to keep out year-round. We came across some beautiful glass reusable cups with a stainless Ravenclaw design and they were exactly the thing that felt like Halloween but also a night of at-home reading with a glass of wine on hand.

Snuggle Up

Chunky knit sweaters are back for fall and they won’t be going anywhere for a while. Waffle-knit is especially popular this year. A great classic sweater is not only wearable for years but it is also great for nights when the house is cold or days that you come down with a bad cold in spring.

Movie Magic

Classic Halloween designs are a great way to make your holiday shirts wearable throughout the year. Some of our favorites are popping up right now in boutiques around town and we absolutely love the Sanderson Sisters’ Bed and Breakfast designs which nod towards Hocus Pocus without appearing solely made for Halloween. Stick to fall hues like burgundy and mustard yellow in place of orange. This further makes your movie favorites more wearable in any season.

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard mason jars are popping up just in time for tea-lights and cider. While you can’t really dress up a pumpkin stenciled jar, you CAN write over a plain black jar to make your design work for winter, spring, summer or fall. If you want to add color to a jar simply tuck a piece of orange and white gingham inside and fill the jar with sunflowers. You will instantly have a fall vibe but your jar will still be usable in summer.

As you get ready to welcome Halloween, may all your boutique adventures be magical. Here’s to an autumn filled with fanciful treats, good eats and the little additions to your home and wardrobe that make fall even more special.

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