5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Samsung Phone Battery Replacement


5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Samsung Phone Battery Replacement

Samsung phones are powerful devices. They are among the most trending phones globally. Therefore, it is evident that you will always want your Samsung phone to be at its optimal performance. So, when its battery starts discharging faster than it used or even shut down unexpectedly, you should consider replacing the battery.

Below are 5 tips to get the most out of your Samsung Singapore phone battery replacement.

Avoid Aftermarket Casings

Aftermarket casings have become trendy in the past few years. They come in different designs and colors. Most Samsung phone owners use them for extra protection. But truth be told, aftermarket casing overheat the battery while charging. This, in turn, leads to battery degradation since the lithium-ion battery is meant to be used at room temperature. So, avoid using aftermarket casings while charging your Samsung phone. In fact, before purchasing a casing, strive to do a meticulous background research on the distributor to ascertain whether or not it is worth your money and time. Only purchase from distributors with lots of positive reviews from past clients.

Battery Saver Mode

Optimizing on the battery saver mode gives your battery a longer lifespan—in the sense that when most background functions will not work, the screen brightness will automatically be dimmed and most high power usage functions on the phone will be disabled. This will inevitably lead to a healthy battery.

Charge to50% During Storage

When it comes to storing your Samsung phone for a longer duration, always charge it to 50% for optimal battery health. Charging it to 100% during storage will lead to loss of battery storage capacity. Additionally, storing it on a near empty charge will lead to total battery discharge. Always maintain it at 50% during long term storage.

Use Latest software

IOS is always on the go. The software is updated every now and then. This is to ensure bugs are identified and fixed for the smooth running of the operating system. Thus, it’s advisable to update your software so as to relieve the strain on the battery. New software solutions are more energy-efficient.

Wi-Fi over Cellular Data.

Wi-Fi networks consume less power in comparison to using cellular data. So, for you to keep your battery healthy and increase its life span, always opt for Wi-Fi over cellular networks.

Final Thoughts

Any good Samsung phone doesn’t come cheap. It is only obvious that all Samsung Singapore phone users would like their batteries to have a longer lifespan. This can be achieved by the 5 tips shared above.

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