6 Best Tips To Choose A Martial Arts Class For Your Kid


6 Best Tips To Choose A Martial Arts Class For Your Kid

Millions of kids around the world enroll in martial arts classes every year. Not only they help kids become physically stronger and healthy, they also instill a sense of discipline, besides enabling greater concentration. If you are someone who is looking for the best martial arts for kids, then here are some simple tips that will help you make a choice.


This particular martial arts discipline is climbing up the popularity charts by the day. Developed in Japan, this martial art is based on the philosophy of self-defense using the force generated by an attacker. Aikido also involves regular practice of meditation, drawing inspiration from Zen masters of yore. All these factors make it a right fit for any kid.


Undoubtedly the most popular of all martial arts globally, Karate has been practiced in Japan for several centuries now. The practice of Karate movements requires a strong and nimble physique. There are several kinds of exercises that practitioners need to do regularly. Children are taught different methods to strike opponents with bare hands and feet.

Kung Fu

Considered the toughest among all martial arts disciplines, Kung Fu involves focusing on powerful striking techniques and kicks. If you are looking for martial arts for kids that will improve their agility and reflexes, then you need not look beyond Kung Fu. The workouts that form part of this martial art also enable better balance and superior concentration. The practice of Kung Fu also involves mastering different types of weapons such as swords, staff, spears, etc.

Tae Kwon Do

If you want your child to develop quick silver reflexes and excellent leg strength, then this Olympic sport is a good option. This martial art which originated in Korea, involves learning kicks of several types. A lot of the training in Tae Kwon Do is about throwing different sets of kicks. Additionally, throws and strikes are also part of Tae Kwon Do. Practicing this martial art enables full body workout.


Judo is another option for your kid. This martial art involves learning different types of holds using which you can throw and pin down opponents. Although it is a martial art, the basic philosophy of Judo is again based on defending oneself, rather than attack someone. If you want your child to learn a martial art that does not involve punching or kicking but uses only throws, then choose Judo.


If you want your child to learn unarmed combat skills from a young age, enrolling your kid in a Ji-just class is a good option. Children are taught different types of holds, as well as simple grappling techniques using which they can pin down someone without hurting them much.

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