6 Cool Ways To Display Costume Jewellery At Home


6 Cool Ways To Display Costume Jewellery At Home

Your jewels are a treasure that needs to be displayed in the open and not locked in a box. Though you may not wear everything in your collection, you may gain fulfillment just by looking at the ornaments displayed gracefully in your bedroom. Start with your costume jewellery as you look for other ways to display the others. This will allow you to access them easily whenever you are looking for what to match with a specific costume.

Here are 6 ways to display jewellery at home like a pro:

1. Dress the Mannequins

Mannequins are not just for displaying your favorite clothes. You can use them to also display your precious ornaments, especially necklaces. The good news is that a single mannequin can display a dozen or more necklaces in layers. Overall, this idea adds delight to your room.

2. Hooks on Driftwood

If there’s a simple way to display different costume jewels in one place, it has to be through this idea. The hooks on the driftwood can be spaced the way you want and you can even make patterns out of them. Like the mannequins, this idea also allows you to display so many costume ornaments.

3. Antique Bowls

If you have some porcelain or silver bowels with antique touches, they are great for displaying small-sized costume jewels like earrings and rings. You can also get them on online stores. The advantage is that you can store as many jewels as your containers can hold.

4. Clay Cactus

You can make your own clay cactus at home or buy a ready-made online. It’s a great idea for displaying costume watches, rings, and bands. It’s an easy way to add an artistic element to your space. The clay cactus plus wall art give your room a masterpiece feeling.

5. Lampshade Rack

Lastly, you can use lampshades as racks for displaying your costume necklaces. Whenever the lamps are turned on, the necklaces are able to glitter perfectly. It’s a great idea for adding life to your room.

6. Repurposed Old Box

Another cool way to display your jewellery is repurposing small vintage boxes into a ring display. You can always find them in your local flea market. To keep your jewelry safe, don’t display your finest collections in your sitting room. Instead, pack the ring display with some of your costume rings and place them on your dresser or vanity.

Generally, the way you display costume jewellery has a lot to say in the way that your room appears. Using the above ideas, you can add a touch of coolness and style in your space without so much hassle.

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