A Complete Guide To UV Light Sticks


A Complete Guide To UV Light Sticks

Right from the day they were launched UV light sticks have become a Halloween staple. The ghostly light that they emit though, can be used for a variety of purposes. They make for great black light parties, they are used by adventure campers, they also work underwater and can also be used just for fun too. With so many uses, it is not surprising that their popularity is rising by the day.

How do they work?

How does one activate UV light sticks? Well, the entire process is quite simple. All that you need to do is to hold the light stick and try and break it into two, just as you would in the case of a pencil. The light stick is made up of plastic. A glass vial is present inside the plastic tube. Once you bend the tube in the middle, the glass vial breaks. What then happens is what makes the light stick glow. Two different chemicals placed in two separate sections of the tube mix with each other. The glowing light is the result of this chemical reaction. The two chemicals involved in the reaction are phenyl oxalate ester and fluorescent dye. The fluorescent dye is the one which determines the color of the light stick.

In what sizes are they available?

Light sticks are available in a variety of sizes, with the most popular ones being the 6″ and 4″ ones. The smaller 4″ ones are a popular option at parties and other events held in the evening. They can also be seen being used by sports fans in stadiums during events that are held in the evening. The still smaller ones are sometime worn too, as bracelets. The larger ones are typically used in parties. They are also used widely by trekkers. They can also be used during fishing too.

Where do I buy them from?

You need to remember that not all light sticks are created equal. Price should never be the criterion based on which you need to make your purchase decision. Make sure that you are getting a quality product. A sub-standard product may leak the harmful chemicals inside. Similarly, also make sure that you get them from a reputed store. If you are buying them online buy them from a reputable online source. Remember, for every good online store, there are scores of dubious ones.

What are the other uses of light sticks?

Light sticks can also be used during the times of natural disasters. Similarly, they are of great use in emergencies too since they don’t use electricity and there is also no chance of them emitting sparks leading to an explosion.

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