ABCs Of Computer Repairs Sydney


ABCs Of Computer Repairs Sydney

Computer Repairs Sydney are possible thanks to the presence of 16GB of RAM and 256GB solid-state hard drive (coupled with a 1TB rigid memory, ideal for installing all the heaviest programs). But the real highlight is the graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 1060, among the best that offers the market and with 6GB dedicated. The screen is very probably slightly lower than the hardware, but still allows you to work very well with any type of image and video. In addition, a feature not to be underestimated for the future, the VM is ready to support virtual viewers, the real devices that will change your future.

If you are looking for the best laptop for graphics, for video editing or for professional programs (for architecture for example) as an autocad, finding the right model can be difficult. After all, these activities are among the heaviest things you can do on any computer, not to mention a laptop. However, thanks to modern components more powerful and faster, video editing and graphics on the move is now a reality.

The good news is that, unlike a few years ago, it is now possible to tackle even the heaviest jobs away from your desktop PC. The bad news? It will be expensive. Well, actually it’s not always like that, in fact in this guide we have classified the best portable workstations in order of increasing price, so as to satisfy even those who have a limited budget.

This small portable workstation proposed by the brand can be an excellent travel companion for all those professional photographers or enthusiasts who want to shoot with a high-level preview or for those looking for a notebook for Photoshop so you can immediately put the newly captured photos. The 13 5379 is definitely a device that lends itself to perfection thanks to the 360-degree hinge, capable of turning the notebook into a tablet or allowing unconventional positioning suitable for every need.

The 13-inch touch screen boasts an FHD resolution (1920 × 1080), a wide viewing angle and vivid and brilliant colors, the maximum for use applied to photography. As a processor we find the latest Intel Core i5-8250U coupled to 8 GB of RAM and the 256Gb SSD disk allows a high-performance use with vector graphics programs and software for managing and retouching photographs. The Intel UHD 620 graphics card, however, can not offer great performance in 3D but overall the notebook is well balanced as shown in Computer Repairs Sydney.

On the edges are the USB jacks (2 × 3.1 and 1 × 2.0), the HDMI port, the multi-function jack plug, the SDXC card reader and 1 the brand Noble lock slot.

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