Accessorizing Your Sequin Cocktail Dress


Accessorizing Your Sequin Cocktail Dress

Many people assume that accessorizing means going for all the accessories that match a given dress. On the contrary, the goal of accessorizing should be to achieve a given look. By and large, sequin cocktail dress can change dramatically depending on the accessories that you choose to wear. When buying a sequin dress, strive to imagine how it will look with glittery lipstick, large earrings, low-key makeup, formal heels, dangling earrings, or several bangles bracelets etc.

To make things easy for you, here are quick tip on how to accessorize your sequin cocktail dress the right way:

Play with texture

Whether it is bag or a pair of shoes, materials with similar sheen or shine as your sequin dress might make you look a bit overdone. Instead, go for striking textures that add visual appeal to your outfit. If your sequin is silver or black, you can make it pop by pairing it with a red velvet bag. Leather heels with interesting patterns on the surface can also work perfectly with your sequin dress and add taste to your overall look.

Focus on Elegance

For a classy look, endeavor to incorporate accessories that give your sequin dress a more elegant feel. For a sophisticated look, pearls are recommended. You can pair a pearl choker or necklace with a V-neck, scoop, or strapless sequin. If your sequin has a higher neckline, you can go for a rope-length pearls or strand of opera. You can also add some elegance to your dress by opting for simple stud earrings.

Keep it simple

The sparkle and shine of your sequin dress will always make it the focus of your outfit. Accordingly, loading statement accessories will quickly make your look over-dressed. To be safe, strive to keep things simple. Avoid heavy jewelry and stay away from the temptation of pairing your sequin with a clutch, rhinestones, or shoes that matches your dress. Instead of a striking chandelier style, delicate stud earrings will be a better match with your sequin. For scoop, strapless, or V-neck sequins, simple pendant necklaces featuring thin chains will work perfectly. You can also skip a necklace altogether and wear a cocktail dress with your sequin. Additionally, always go for metallic jewelry instead of gemstones so that they don’t compete with your sequin’s sparkle.

Generally, because sequin dresses are bold and eye-catching, it is advisable to allow them to stand on their own by keeping your accessories more low-key. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment and have fun with your dress—you only need to be cautious with the event or dress code to ensure that you are appropriately dressed.

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