Are There Potential Side Effects Of Colored Contact Lenses?

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Are There Potential Side Effects Of Colored Contact Lenses?

While contact lenses are known to bring numerous benefits to the wearers, there are certainly a few shortcomings that are associated with them, especially if you are a first-timer. Therefore, before you choose contacts, be aware of some of these cons. While fitting of the contacts helps to get you a perfect fit for you, there are instances when the colored part of the lenses may slide off the pupil. When this happens, you get poor vision, especially when you are wearing opaque tints.

Secondly, the size of the pupils of the eyes keeps changing depending on the lighting changes. For example, the pupils will be enlarged at night exceeding the size of the clear center in your contacts. This can greatly affect your vision.

Are Eye Colored Contacts Safe to Wear? Yes, in many cases, colored contact lenses are safe provided that you have them fitted by a reputable eye doctor and that you wear them properly and care for them as they should. Therefore, as long as your doctor diagnoses your condition and prescribes the right contacts, you are safe wearing them. Letting a doctor take an examination of your eyes and fit them will ensure you achieve not only a natural look but also guarantee the comfort and safety of your eyes. Many people have claimed that contacts are dangerous. On the contrary, color contacts are not bad for your eyes just like regular contact lenses. Following the directions such as how long you should have them on or when you are expected to replace them will ensure your eyes are safe.

If you are looking to change the look and color of your eyes just for an event, then daily disposable contacts will work pretty well for you. While there is an eye surgery procedure for people looking to permanently change the color of their eyes, this route can be expensive, risky, and delicate. In addition, the pain that can come with such an invasive procedure can be phenomenal.

Is a Prescription Necessary for Eye Colored Contacts? While there are shops and vendors online that sell contacts without considering if you have a prescription, it is dangerous to go this route. Therefore, you need a prescription in the U.S if you are to legally buy and use contact lenses. This is the case even if you were looking to buy plano or non-prescription contacts that are purely for cosmetic purposes.

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