Be The Change You Want To See


Be The Change You Want To See

Thousands of people around the globe have responded to a call to be agents for social change by doing their part to help make the world a better place to live. Some of the activities people have been doing as part of the positive change challenge, are:

-Replacing throw-away plastic cups and bottles, with re-usable alternatives such as stainless steel, glass and food-safe, re-usable plastics that do not harm the environment
-Volunteering at senior citizens homes, bringing cheer and hope to residents
-Offering free dance classes for teenagers from low income homes

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of how you too can make a positive change in your own country – or even across the world via the internet? Here are five Be The Change project ideas you can consider to make a difference in the world around you.

Teach a foreign language for free

The world is a global village, and millions of people living somewhere other than their native country, cannot speak the language of their host country. Are you multi-lingual and can help a naturalized citizen learn to speak the local language in order to achieve higher education, or get a job, or even open their own business?

Become a mentor

As a mentor, you will have the chance to help change the course of a young person’s life. If you are a fan of success stories, imagine how it will feel if you created one. You may be able to help a young person needing guidance in choosing a career path, or one who needs lessons in building self-esteem. Or, perhaps you can help someone finally move an idea, dream or vision from their head and into the world.

Create an anti-hate campaign

What injustices do you see around you that you can help remove from society? Maybe you saw people being mistreated for just existing as themselves, and you felt the urge to make things fair and just for such individuals. You can think of forming a group that promotes love and tolerance, and fights hate and injustice.

Write a book

They say everyone has a book in them, just waiting to be written. What has your life been like thus far? Exciting, troubling, inspirational, or something else? Can your story help people improve their outlook on life or show us how to live a more fulfilling life? We would love to read about your Be The Change project ideas experiences.

Plant a tree

Yes, we know, this is kinda cliché. But that aside, planting a tree holds so much power for changing the world. Deforestation has ravaged millions of acres forested lands, causing flooding, land slippage, less rainfall, extinction of natural habitats and wildlife, and so much more. So, by planting a tree you will be taking action that will benefit the world even after you are gone.

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