Best Baby Safety Helmet 2019

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Best Baby Safety Helmet 2019

We all know that when toddlers grow, they tend to explore every opportunity that comes across them. Exploration includes even dangerous activities such as trampoline and bicycling. For this reason, many and severe injuries are reported every year as children tend to put little attention in their activities. The only best way and alternative to avoid these severe injuries and accidents are to ensure that your child has a Baby Safety Helmet.

Purchasing the best helmet for you kid, however, is challenging as they are available in a variety. Besides, not every helmet is suitable for your child. Here are a few basic factors to consider when selecting the best helmet for your child.


Size is an essential factor you must put into consideration. Best helmets fit perfectly into your child’s head. It must not be too small or big. Before you buy one, measure your child head an inch above the brows as this is the thickest area of the kids head.

Multiple impact points

Good helmets are designed to have several multiple impact points that ensure a child is not hurt in case he/she falls.

Certification safety

Check the helmet label foe safety certification thoroughly. Ensure the helmet is certified by a recognized body on consumer safety commission.

Easy buckles

When buckles catch the child experience, it is a harrowing experience. To avert this type of miasma, buy pinch-free buckle helmets.


Children’s body produces a lot of heat when in action, and most of this heat is produced from the head. To avoid overheating, buy helmets with many vents that allow free and more air circulation.

Some of the best helmets include:

Newcomdigi Baby/Infant Head Helmet

This helmet is the best for learning to walk, crawling, and standing kids. It can save your child fem multiple bruises and bumps. Suitable for daily indoor and outdoor activities. It is best for kids aging 2-60 months and has an adjustable Velcro closure and chin strap. It has a head circumference of 43 to 55 centromeres.

Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

This one is best for children aging 8-60 months and has a head circumference of 16-22 centimeters. It has a demountable and movable visor. The visor is meant to incline forward to protect the baby forehead in case he/she falls forward. It is made of unique filling material that acts as a shock absorber and impact resistance. The material is lightweight, soft, and allows air to penetrate easily.

To purchase the Best Baby Safety Helmet pick from the two while putting into consideration the highlighted factors.

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