Buying Cheap Golf Shoes


Buying Cheap Golf Shoes

If you are really determined to play golf, then money should be the least of your worries. You don’t have to spend a fortune just to do well out on the course. You just have to be creative in sourcing your gear and equipment. For example, you can simply buy used clubs or cheap golf shoes to use for practice. You could purchase fancier items if you ever get serious about the sport. Just keep the following in mind as you browse your options:


Whenever you are getting a pair of sports shoes, it is best to go a size up from your usual purchases. Golf entails a lot of walking so your feet are likely to swell after spending hours on the course. Your toes will feel cramped if you choose something that is too small. Always provide some allowance to prevent this. A bigger shoe will also reduce the risk of developing painful blisters due to constant rubbing between the skin and the upper. Consider the thickness of your preferred golf socks as well and adjust accordingly.


Golf courses have undulating terrain. Walking on slick grass uphill can be difficult if you have flat outsoles. Cheap golf shoes are typically equipped with spikes similar to those found in sprinter shoes and trail running shoes. These dig into the ground and provide the traction required to prevent slippage. You can trust your footing and never worry about the condition of the ground. The shoes will serve you well whether it’s dry or wet.


The shoes should let your feet breathe. Otherwise, the inside will quickly get hot and uncomfortable. Sweat will get trapped inside which may lead to bacterial growth and smelly feet. Sweaty feet are also more prone to blisters. Check the material for the shoe’s upper. It should have tiny holes at strategic spots to let moisture evaporate and allow air to flow inside to cool things down.

Water Resistance

If you are playing in wet weather, then it might be good to get a pair of water-resistant shoes. This property is typically achieved either through a special top coat or a waterproof lining. Just make sure that this does not interfere fully with breathability. Expect it to be hotter than leather so it is a good idea to have a separate pair of shoes for summer.


Of course, everyone wants to look good when they are in public. Consider the different styles available and make sure that the shoes match the rest of your golfing attire.

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