Choosing the Perfect Person for the Job: Tips for Finding Great Event Speakers


Choosing the Perfect Person for the Job: Tips for Finding Great Event Speakers

Selecting the ideal speaker for an event is vital to its overall success. Event speakers can highly influence the attendee’s experience and emotions, making it important for organizers to make the right choice. Utilizing the following tips and tricks can help ensure that you have the perfect individual to deliver your message at your next event.

Identify the Event’s Purpose

Before anything else, it is crucial to pinpoint the objective of your event. Determine the messages and values that you want to convey. It can be helpful to consider the venue, audience, and the event’s theme. Once you have a clear understanding of your event’s purpose, you’re better equipped to choose a speaker that will align with your goals.

Know Your Audience

Your target audience plays a significant role in choosing an event speaker. Think about who will be attending the event, and what their interests and concerns may be. Will your audience enjoy having an inspirational speaker, an industry leader, or a celebrity? Knowing your audience’s profile and preferences can help you curate a list of speaker candidates that will resonate with them.

Research Potential Candidates

After you’ve developed a clear understanding of who you’re trying to reach, search for potential speakers who fit your requirements and event objectives. There are various resources available to help in your research, such as speakers’ bureaus, speaker associations, and professional networks. Take note of their areas of expertise, past speaking engagements, and any credentials that they may hold. You’ll want to determine if their experiences complement your theme.

Narrow Down Your Options

After researching potential candidates, narrow down your list to a select few individuals that meet your criteria. Once you have your shortlist, check their availability, their rates, and confirm that they are a perfect fit for your event, both in terms of time constraints and budget. It may also be helpful to ask for referrals or feedback from past event organizers they may have worked with.

Scope Out Samples of their Work

To assess the speaker’s suitability, look for samples of their work or video footage. This can be an excellent way to gauge their delivery style, presence, and how they handle their audience. It will also help reveal if their message aligns with your event’s values. Remember, good speakers know how to connect with their audiences, share their experience, and tell stories that thrill and engage.

Look Beyond Speaking Ability

Although speaking ability is essential, it’s not everything. Your speaker’s overall demeanor, personality, and attitude also matter. Ensure that the speaker you choose exhibits professionalism, integrity, and character traits that align with your organization’s values. Keep in mind that while a speaker may be engaging and charismatic during their presentation, they may not be the best fit for your organization’s legislative policies or desired image.

Ask if the Speaker Has Interactive Elements

If you are looking to create a unique and memorable event, consider adding interactive elements to the speaker’s presentation. You might ask your speaker if they are willing to incorporate questions, quizzes, or other participatory activities that could engage the audience further. Including these elements to your event can elevate the attendees’ experience and further solidify your organization’s message.

Prepare for the Event

Once you’ve settled on your candidate, it’s important to prepare for their presentation. Share any information about your audience, the event, and other necessary details that the speaker may need. Be sure to discuss the expectations and the speaker’s role during the event. Making sure that the speaker is aware of all the necessary details can help to establish clear communication and avoid issues.

Selecting the perfect event speaker is crucial in ensuring the success of an event. Proper preparation, research, and in-depth knowledge of your audience’s interests are all key factors that will make the speaker selection process smoother. Engage in an intensive research process, narrow down your options, look beyond just speaking ability, and remember to prepare carefully. All these practices will help ensure that you choose the right event speaker who will make your event a resounding success.

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