Common Types Of Pole Dancing Classes


Common Types Of Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dancing has become quite popular in the past few years. Men and women around the globe continue to enroll in a wide range of pole dancing classes to reap the amazing benefits that it offers. Performers often enjoy several types of pole dancing depending on their goals and dancing background. If you are planning to join a pole dancing class soon, here are the most common types of classes that you can consider:

1. Pole Fitness or Sports

This pole dancing class focuses on the physical strength, technique, and drill. This means that the choreographies are majorly focused acrobatics and not on dancing moves. In sports, competitors are awarded based on how they demonstrate strong, creative, and original pole tricks as well as how they show flawless pole techniques and smooth transitions coupled with unique dancing movements in entertaining routines. Judges often look for pole move combinations that display high degree of sophistication.

2. Pole artistic

This majorly focuses in movement and music, and participants are expected t be more creative in order to tell a story and develop a character. In this class, participants are expected to focus more on dancing and expressions without forgetting aerobics. In competitions, participants are expected to perform themed routines, which tell stories and develop unique characters. The routines and performance are expected to be more focused on movements to music, interpretation of the songs, showmanship, and creative choreography. Competitors are also expected to show high level of techniques on the pole though routine and performance are the main areas where majority of the points are awarded.

3. Pole Erotic

This category is majorly focused on stripping theatrics. Dancers are more likely to wear heals, dance naked, perform dance moves, and tricks that are commonly associated with stripping.

4. Pole Exotic or Sexy

Here, choreographies are not very strict and a lot of emphasis is put on flexibility. Participants can wear heels and cloths that are more revealing, depending on how sensual the dancing category is. However, this type of pole dancing class should never be confused with its erotic counterpart as it is a mere sensual approach to pole dancing. It may be considered to be sexier than artistic pole dance classes. Accordingly, if you choose to attend this type of pole dancing class, never be discouraged by the preconceived notions that surround exotic or sexy pole dancing.

Final Inference

Dancing has no limits. The class that you choose to attend depends on your personal style and taste. For beginners who are just interested in learning the basics, cheap Sydney pole dancing classes are highly recommended.

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