Dedicated Fleet Services From A Reliable Carrier


Dedicated Fleet Services From A Reliable Carrier

Do you need exceptional services, locked-in rates, and guaranteed capacity with freight services? Contact a carrier that offers dedicated fleet services. It will protect you from tight capacity and fluctuating rates caused by inclement weather, seasonal peaks, and other problems. This solution is preferred by the shippers because they can depend on a dedicated carrier to get their goods delivered on time. There is no increase in the rate during the contract period. The service quality is never compromised. Contact for more information on all these services.

Fast and Secure Freight Services

These services are provided using the best carriers and transport solutions. You cannot delay transporting your goods when the market is moving at great speed. You have to manage both carriers and 3PLs to get your goods delivered on time. It makes your organization productive and brings down your transportation costs. Your loads will be covered immediately and meet service and MABD expectations. The plans will be customized based on your requirements. Small to large solutions are available to handle all types of loads.

Best Carrier Network

The fleet service company offers its own fleet of commercial vehicles but it also connects with other transport companies to provide seamless services to its customers. The dedicated model is based on the linehaul model. Regular drivers driving on the same route daily and weekly ensure quick and efficient delivery of goods. The fleet operator will become a long-term partner of your company. You can depend on it to deliver all your freight goods. Its driver will make sure your delivery plans meet the deadline and you never face any issue from your customers.

Secured Capacity

This is the advantage of dealing with a company that offers dedicated fleet services. It secures the vehicles early just for your transport requirements so you never face any problem of delay in the delivery of your goods. It will reduce your transportation costs. You can deal with any market condition. Receive predictable, steady, and reliable freight services. Minimize deadhead miles and receive attractive rates on the spot market. Dedicated carriers can help establish your supply chain with an on-time delivery guarantee.

By using the services of a dedicated carrier, you can shift liability from your own fleet to the carrier’s assets. You get guaranteed and predictable capacity. It allows you to plan your budget in advance and get the same service rate every time as long as the contract remains in force. You get assurance of 100% fleet uptime. You never have to deal with the issues of hiring and retaining drivers. Call now to receive a customized plan.

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