Emoji Shirts And How They Brighten The World


Emoji Shirts And How They Brighten The World

How do you make someone’s day without saying a word to them? Easy, all you need is to stock up on emoji shirts and pair them with your favorite shorts or trousers. Besides putting smiles on people, an emoji shirt also speaks volumes about your personality.

Emoji Shirt for Introverts

Introverts don’t use many words but they can speak volumes using images, phrases, and even emojis. Since you are a little reserved, you can be safe with playful emoji tees that aren’t suggestive or may raise eyebrows.

All you have to do is keep it simple with a smile face emoji shirt. Alternatively, go with a ‘grinning’ emoji tee or a ‘bashful’ emoji vest. Even better, find a chic shirt with a finger over closed lips emoji. On a different day, step out with a ‘zipped mouth’ emoji tee. They both let everyone know that you take your silence seriously.

Emoji Shirt for the Extrovert

Extroverts are not afraid to speak their minds and they do so quite well with naughty emoji tees. A funny and daring emoji shirt will definitely leave people in laughs and also appreciate your boldness.

Funny emoji tees go well with a corny message to drive the point home. A good example would be a winking emoji shirt with the daring words ‘Your Tent or Mine?’ (Yay! To camping!). Another crazy emoji shirt would be the purple devil face with horns and that cunning smile it always wears. Pair this emoji with a naughty message like ‘Seriously, It’s Only Netflix and Chilling’ or ‘Let’s Continue This at My Place?’

Emoji Shirt for Everyone

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, there are moments in life we can all relate to. For example, how our moods are affected by the days of the week. Not many people look forward to Mondays and a befitting emoji for this would be the ‘Meh!’ emoji. On Tuesday, a ‘smiling face with smiling eyes’ emoji is perfect because you got through Monday intact.

A ‘beaming face’ emoji is perfect for Wednesday because you can smell the weekend coming. Thursday is for the ‘weary face’ emoji because the weekend is taking too long to show up. Finally, Friday is when all the feel good emojis come to play; grinning face, grinning face with smiling eyes, face with tears of joy, star-truck face, smiling face with sunglasses, and the list goes on.

To look even cooler, get an emoji shirt with all the days of the week listed and the appropriate emojis beside each day.

If you like to put a smile in someone’s heart, then emoji shirts are for you. It is a great way to make your personality shine and many great conversations started from an interesting emoji shirt.

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