Everything You Need For Your Maternity Wardrobe


Everything You Need For Your Maternity Wardrobe

The first sign of a baby bump should prompt you to get maternity fitness wear. You have been anticipating and couldn’t help perusing fashion blogs featuring well-dressed pregnant women in maternity fitness wear Australia. Sure, you want to dress your bump in an effortless and fun way. But deciding on what clothes will fit and flatter your beautiful figure can be a hurdle. You keep asking, “What clothing for a mom-to-be makes her look and feel her best?” Time is moving and you are counting down to your expected delivery date. Avoid stress and use this list when shopping for maternity fitness wear.

Maxi Dress

A form-fitting dress is definitely a maternity wardrobe staple that makes moms-to-be feel less frumpy as the bump grows in size.


You need several stretchy pairs of leggings you can use any day and for any occasion. The best part about maternity leggings is that they contour your body seamlessly without creating discomfort.

Oversized Blazer

Your growing body needs a second layer to maintain a chic silhouette. An oversized blazer is a perfect option that fits even as you gain weight throughout the maternity period.

Mom Jeans

When you have so much going on in your lower body, a pair of comfy mom jeans is what you just need. They are so addictive that you might never switch back to normal jeans even after your baby is all grown.

Little Black Dress

Get a black dress you always feel comfortable in. Wear it to an office party, wedding, or baby shower event.

Supportive Undergarments

It pays to invest in comfortable pieces of maternity bras and panties. Most maternity bras are also perfect for nursing, giving you the best value for money. Never underestimate the type of undies to wear during pregnancy. You have long been wearing thongs but if they still fit, it is worth switching to maternity underwear. Whether high-waisted or low-cut, they will stay in place and feel better than typical underwear.

Stretchy Tees

Buy maternity t-shirts in your favorite colors to pair with jeans and leggings. A wise buy will last beyond the bump. Be keen on the material because you never know where most of the weight will fall as you move through the trimesters. A flex fabric like jersey is a sure bet.

When shopping for maternity fitness wear Australia, you might want to bend over and touch your toes to see if there’s a possible limitation. Most maternity clothes stretch a lot, so test for sheerness while moving your body. Another feature to look out for is the ruching as it flexes with the body shape. Lastly, think about what to wear beyond pregnancy by investing in pieces with built-in nursing features.

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