Facts About Dark Stout Backwoods Cigars

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Facts About Dark Stout Backwoods Cigars

This brand of cigars is made from pure tobacco. Their flavor is infused with dark cocoa, roasted coffee infusions, and flavored stout. Most cigar users, especially this brand, have noted that dark stout is not an average brand since it has high-quality tobacco that has a sweet smell. There are other flavors as well. This company has found ways to fuse tobacco with unique flavors like honey berry, vanilla, grape, Russian cream, whiskey, Portuguese wine, and ice wine.

The cigars come in eight packs that hold five cigars each. However, people can have a unique experience by acquiring a blunt from dark stout Backwoods. Wraps for blunts are usually made from tobacco leaves, and then they are stuffed with marijuana. Blunts and joints are different since papers wrap joints. When buying this product, you need to purchase an original product to get a quality experience. Counterfeit products cannot provide you with the quality experience you hope to gain. Here are ways you can identify quality dark stout Backwoods cigars.

The intensity of the Cigars

This company produces cigars with three intensity levels. These levels are medium, full-bodied, and mild. It is vital to note that if you are a beginner, it is imperative to take cigars you can handle. In case you are having trouble knowing which one is suitable for you, do not hesitate to ask for assistance. To get a clear understanding of the kind of size to buy, consider your frequency for smoking.

Duration of Smoking

For unique experiences, these products come in different lengths. The long ones last longer compared to the short cigars. As such, pay attention to the occasion to have a guide on which king of length is appropriate. For some events like barbecues and weddings, small cigars are suitable. However, if you are celebrating an important event like a milestone or you want to have a meaningful conversation, consider selecting a long one since it will last for long.


Since these cigars come in different lengths and sizes, the same is right about the price. Some folks perceive buying an expensive cigar means buying quality. However, you can get high-quality products by thinking cheaply too. It is necessary to know the price range of these products to select an affordable one.


Experienced users advise people always to purchase two cigars. This is because the experience is most unique when it is shared. Also, do not forget to have a cutter or buy one if you do not have it. Cigars require light cuts. It is also imperative to note that these products need to be kept in places with specific humidity and temperature levels.

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