Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

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Finding The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

Whenever you need legal services, it is crucial you hire the most competent personal injury attorney to represent you in the case. Since there are thousands of lawyers operating in every major city across the country, some research is needed to identify the best attorney for the case. Obviously, this will take some time, so it is crucial you exercise patience during your research.

Ideally, you should make a list of the top-rated lawyers who practice personal injury law in the city. With this shortlist, you will have an easy time narrowing down the search. The following are key factors to be considered when trying to narrow down the search for the right injury lawyer:

Area of Practice

Personal injury law is a wide field of law that has many different types of cases. For instance, there are car accident cases, medical malpractice cases, slip and fall cases, product liability and dog bite cases among others. Depending on the type of case you have, be sure to shortlist the right attorneys for the job. For instance, if you have been bitten by the neighbor’s dog, you should only shortlist personal injury lawyers who have specialized in dog bite cases.


The number of years different lawyers have been in business as well as the total number of personal injury cases they have handled over the years must be taken into consideration. You are looking for a lawyer who has previously handled many similar cases and has been in practice for a long time. Experienced lawyers know how to effectively represent clients and are much more competent than newbies. Therefore, you need to compare experiences before committing yourself. Fortunately, there are many experienced injury lawyers in the industry.

Win Rate

It is crucial you compare the success rates of the shortlisted lawyers because you want to be represented by lawyers with the highest win rates. When you are represented by a lawyer who has won 90% of all their cases, you can be assured of getting a favorable outcome. That said, the best personal injury lawyers usually have success rates of over 70%. When comparing success rates, be sure to also pay attention to the total number of cases handled in relation to the success rate.

You cannot make your final decision before reading reviews and checking ratings. This is necessary because you want to hire the most trusted and most reliable injury lawyer you can find.

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