Finding The Best Solar Installers Brisbane


Finding The Best Solar Installers Brisbane

Anyone who needs solar installation services should look for the most competent installer in the city. There are many of them, so there is need to conduct some research before picking a solar installer. To find the best solar installers Brisbane residents need to take their time to shortlist the top-rated contractors. After that, they can start narrowing down their search by considering a number of key factors.

Since every installer will claim to be the best, you have to conduct some background research before committing yourself. Below are some of the things you should take into consideration during your research:

i) Licensing

Only firms with valid licences should be added to the list. This will help you avoid quacks. Licensed contractors have met all the professional and legal requirements, so they know how best to help clients get the desired results. Therefore, you must check the expiry date, issuing authority and licence category of the licences held by different installers before you shortlist any firm. As you commence your search, your shortlist should have not less than a dozen properly-licensed solar installers.

ii) Experience

They say that experience is the best teacher, and this has been proven to be true over time. To get the highest quality of service, therefore, it is recommended you compare the experiences of the shortlisted firms. Only those with years of experience in the industry and have served many clients should be accorded special consideration. You may want to check the number of solar installation jobs handled by different firms as this can help you to make a decision that is well-informed. That said, experienced installers understand client needs and know how best to meet those needs.

iii) Insurance and Bond

When searching for the best solar installer Brisbane to install your solar hot water heater and solar PV system, an important factor of consideration is insurance and bond. Only insured and bonded solar installers should be accorded any consideration. This is important because you do not want to be exposed to risks during the installation process. After all, there might be property damage, physical injuries, delayed completion and substandard work. To protect yourself, therefore you need to look for an installer with a valid insurance policy and performance bond.

You also need to do some background research on the reputation of the firms on your list by reading reviews and testimonials. Be sure to also compare cost estimates to identify an affordable solar installer.

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