Guide To First Anniversary Gifts

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Guide To First Anniversary Gifts

All those who have an oval face must choose the dangling earrings with a square shape as part of First Anniversary Gifts. The necklaces can be either shorter or longer to be determined based on the length of the neck. To avoid the oxidation of gold jewelry, keep these away from water, as this causes rust. To protect them in the best way it is essential to dispose of them with a little nail polish.

On the other hand, people with red or blonde hair always have the same type of undertone. All those who have a darker complexion do not belong to this type of category. So you can choose the color of gold based on these rules.

Those with a cold undertone, will have to buy jewelry in platinum, silver and white gold, with stones or blue, pink, magenta and red diamonds. On the other hand, those with a warm undertone should prefer gold, pewter, copper and brass jewelry, with stones like yellow pearls or coral of colors such as: orange, brown, yellow, peach, brown and turquoise.

Another essential point to follow, for the choice of gold jewelery, is the shape of the face so you can choose the best necklaces and earrings. Drop-shaped earrings or pendants are preferred, to give length to your face. Instead, the necklaces necklaces, allow you to have the angle of the chin more compact.

Those with a square-shaped face should choose drip earrings. To increase the length of the face, you have to choose long necklaces that can vary from 70 to 80 cm. Instead, those who have an elongated or rectangular face should prefer small, round earrings.

The choice of the engagement ring or First Anniversary Gifts to be given must be made very carefully by the future groom. Where possible, the boyfriend can opt for a family jewel, which will therefore also have an emotional value. In the event that the ring should instead be bought, we give you the 10 rules to follow to make a good purchase.

Set yourself a budget. When a boyfriend goes to buy an engagement ring, jewelers often implicitly influence the fact that the bigger the diamond, the bigger is the love for the bride-to-be: it will be much better then that you have done it in your pocket before to enter the store. The brilliant industry, together with the etiquette of marriage, has created as a rule to spend a sum equivalent to about two months of your salary. We suggest you follow your heart, but above all your wallet.

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