Guide To Organizing Plant A Tree Donation

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Guide To Organizing Plant A Tree Donation

Many benefits come with planting trees, and it doesn’t matter where in the world, or the circumstances under which you are planting the tree. They clean our water and air. They prevent soil erosion. They provide habitat for birds and crawly critters. They help fight climate change. And they beautify just about any landscape. This explains why, your mission notwithstanding, your tree fundraiser is sure to be a success. Here are tips on how to plan a plant a tree donation.

Sell Or Auction Trees

Native trees and plants are critical as they provide habitat for wildlife and birds. Also, they are a lot easier to grow, and they also adapt to local climates and droughts naturally.
You can buy plants at a wholesale price, bring them to your office or center, and sell or auction them. This will allow you to raise some money and at the same time connect to something green which is good for your local community.

Memorial Gift Tree Fundraiser

In case your organization has a venue or center, you can encourage donations for memorial trees. A good idea is commemorating with just a tree and a plaque. Memorials could be things like remembrance gifts for a loved one who is deceased, births, anniversaries or other special occasions. Your creativity is limitless.

The good thing is that the tree planting exercise will not only be unique to your event but it will also be a meaningful experience. You will have an opportunity to meet new people and learn about the geography and climate of your land or space. You will also learn the tree species that thrive in the area and many other interesting geographical aspects.

Adopt a Tree Competition

You could have a plan of planting one or even two trees in front of your school, office or center. After that, advertise naming rights where the highest bidder wins. Rights could be things like publicity on a website, plaque, or a scenic bench. You could plan things like social media auctions or a silent auction, and ask bidders to and in their highest offers by a given date. The winner should be announced publicly preferably in the presence of the local media. Ensure there is a set minimum bid amount and have this advertized at least a couple of weeks in advance.


No matter the mission of your organization, you can support your local environment by promoting tree planting. Tree donations can be especially great if you don’t have enough capital to recruit volunteers. Use these tips to get donations for your plant a tree donation.

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