How You Can Give Back To Veterans In Your Community


How You Can Give Back To Veterans In Your Community

After giving their bodies, hearts, and time to serve the country, the least that the veterans in your neighborhood deserve is recognition. November is first approaching and we are going to mark Veterans Day. So, do you have something in mind to appreciate your local veterans?

Remember, some suffered life-threatening injuries in the course of duty, and as sad as it may sound, most of their wounds may never heal. There are those who don’t show physical wounds, but deep within they are bruised. It’s our civic duty to try and reintegrate them to the community. Maybe you have a good heart and want to give back but do not know where to start.
Well, here are some of the places to start:

1. Donate to a Veteran Organization

There are so many war veterans donation centers that will appreciate your financial help irrespective of the size of your contribution. The most popular ones include:

• Disabled American Veterans: Supports disabled veterans as well as their families financially.

• Homes for Our Troops: Builds custom homes for injured veterans to help them remake their lives.

• Wounded Warrior Project: Provide rehabilitation and counseling services to injured veterans.

2. Connect with them Locally

There are several local programs for veterans such as Local Veterans Assistance that you can be a part of and be able to give back to the veterans in your neighborhood. In this case, you are able to participate in domestic chores and run errands at the veterans’ homes.

3. Volunteer at the Local Nursing Home

In most local hospitals, there is a nursing section for veterans. You can volunteer at the department and help do tasks like driving the hospital van, cleaning the premise, and narrating stories. If you are a trained medical professional, you can also offer your expertise for free.

4. Start Your Own Veterans Project

There are several war veteran donations centers in the country that are independently run. If you have the financial muscles to start one in your neighborhood or you know someone who can finance the project, you should go ahead and do it. Some of the projects that you can start include a welcome home project, hosting a resume writing workshop for returning veterans, and collecting and archiving veterans’ stories among other initiatives.

There is no better way to say ‘thank you’ to the veterans in our society than to offer them our time, love, and finances. With the above ideas, you now know what to do on this year’s Veterans Day. Just purpose to make a veteran smile.

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