Introduction To The Mom Fashion Blog


Introduction To The Mom Fashion Blog

Everyone is free to dress as she wants, following her own intuition to feel at ease. The important thing is to be comfortable with yourself even in spite of current trends as shown by the Mom Fashion Blog.

The goal can be achieved by using various tools ranging from clothing to combing. Hair is a fundamental part of a woman’s beauty and has the power to make her look more or less slender. The short hair, even if not particularly loved by the more feminine women, is the cut that allows to slender the silhouette, above all the neck and bust area.

The masculine cut, the bob or the scaled hair of medium length have the power to optically stretch the figure. For those who do not want to give up their flowing hair, the solution is simply to collect them, perhaps in an elegant chignon.

Accessories are a fundamental part of clothing, as they also have the power to lengthen or shorten the figure. The large and capacious bag is certainly comfortable, but not suitable for acquiring centimeters. The ideal for those who need an optical boost are the small or medium-sized bags.

In the same way, large-sized bijoux should be avoided, as they risk further bundling the figure. Likewise, large belts that tighten the waist should be avoided, favoring thin ones. The true ally of the woman who wants to make her silhouette soar is heeled shoes.

Timeless friends of women of all times, the heels make acquire centimeters and give a formidable impulse to the whole figure. However, the heels must be chosen in the same color as the shoe to avoid the broken effect, for the same reason it is necessary to avoid shoes with a strap that make the leg squat.

Better known with the name of wrap dress, the crossed dresses are ideal to slender the figure, especially of women with the most generous shapes. The line that runs through the body thins it, while the V-neck lengthens the neck area.

The V-neck of the rest is the one to Opt for if you are trying to slim the silhouette, while the high collars, especially those of thick and sturdy sweaters, are to be avoided due to the bundling effect. For shirts, it is advisable to privilege the Korean collar that slims the neck and the bust area.

According to the Mom Fashion Blog, to make the figure more tapered you can opt for cheeky sleeves, of medium-short length, to be avoided but in the case of important arms, in this case the sleeve at the elbow or completely long.

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