Lead Generating Video Production


Lead Generating Video Production

Creating quality videos is the basis for getting results from a video marketing strategy. Very often, there are online videos of poor quality even on the YouTube channels of important brands. Assuming that the best way to get a professional video is to entrust the task to an expert Lead Generating Video Production professional, in many cases you can find yourself faced with the need to get by yourself.

This is not always possible, given the complexity of production that is sometimes necessary, but in some cases it is possible to achieve a level of professional quality, thanks to some technical-linguistic features.

Here are some basic principles to improve Lead Generating Video Production:

It is important to choose the right camera, there are many types and models, from consumer to professional, each of them has certain characteristics that are suitable for different situations. Today you can also shoot good shots with your smartphone, but you need to make some considerations

Reason for fixed and stable shots, using a tripod and a slider for camera movements, avoid using zoom during shooting. Avoid framing by hand, if you really can not help it use at least one shoulder strap.

Respect also the rules of composition of the frame, in addition to fields and visual plans, other rules based on the framework and the lines of the frame must also be considered.

Do not improvise, each video must first be designed on paper, at least at the level of the idea, the shots must be studied before shooting. Design shots based on the basic rules of audiovisual language, focusing on visual fields and planes.

Photographic quality

Attention to the fire, always try to work with the manual focus, as the automatic tends sometimes to lose the fire, especially if you work with the SLR. Pay attention to the light, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, the light in video footage is essential to make your product more professional and therefore more credible.

If you are a beginner, concentrate on the fact that the image is well lit and therefore clearly visible, that it is not over exposed or exposed. It is also very important the color temperature of the light so that the colors are not unpacked, set correctly the white balance of the camera. When you are more familiar you can also start to think about the creative use of light, to give more expression to your videos.

Pay attention to the audio. If the video provides speech, an external microphone must be used. In fact, in many cases, the poor quality of audio in the video negatively affects the entire video product.

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