Learn How Create Custom Drag Queen Padding In 4 Simple Steps


Learn How Create Custom Drag Queen Padding In 4 Simple Steps

While working as a drag queen, you can paint your face, put on stilettos, wear weaves, but those hips can’t lie. You want your appearance to scream a feminine mystique. Fortunately, drag queen padding can save you from the frustrations. Rather than purchasing your pads from local or online stores, it would be best to make some at home using a few and cheap materials.

Here are straightforward and less time-consuming steps to follow when making butt pads.

Making templates

Having decided the size and shape of the pudding you aim to create, it’s time to make a pair templates. Wear some leggings and wrap your legs from your knees to your waist with a roll of shrink wrap. Ensure that you have a permanent marker, pair of scissors, and mirror before rolling up the film. Mark out the template with lines following your muscles, down the front of your thighs, back and up your butt. The template’s shape should be similar to Africa with the butt section being the upper part of the continent.

Cutting out the template

Having cut off the plastic wrap, cut out the model with the pair of scissors while following the marking lines. Note that you should obtain a couple of templates from this process. Transfer the film template onto a card so that you can have something permanent, firm and more comfortable to work with. Ensure that the templates have similar shapes.

Chopping the foam

Here, you require a piece of foam and the card template you obtained from the previous step. Upon tracing the model on the foam, use a bread knife to cut out the two symmetrical shapes. Proceed to shape your padding by curving the edges. Take precaution to shape the right sides of the pads; you don’t want to end up with two pads for the left-hand side.

Smoothing your padding

You expect your padding to look realistic with your body frame. When you wear the pads, you will note that they are humongous for your leggings besides. Besides, you may be looking ridiculous in them. To obtain feminine shape, use scissors to chop and snip masses of materials off the two blocks. Make the edges thinner so that your pads won’t show under your clothes.


You don’t have to scour for drag queen padding in stores when you can make them on your own at home. With simple and cheap items, you can create pads to reshape and resize your butt to obtain a more feminine shape. Follow the steps discussed above to save yourself from the cost and hustles of finding meaningful butt padding in the stores.

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