Making A Rustic Cooler From An Old Refrigerator


Making A Rustic Cooler From An Old Refrigerator

Many people always run short of fun activities to do during summer. Apart from the monotonous trio of firing up grills for tantalizing recipes, putting up a bonfire and surviving the best dessert recipes, one can spice up the warm weather with some little creativity by making a DIY Rustic Cooler from an old refrigerator. It will definitely turn out to be a hit at the outdoor summer parties.

Well, hosting a ton of guests in your premises will pose a logistical ordeal especially as a result of the pandemic at hand. The major n challenge is keeping the guests at hand without unnecessary movements in and out of the house. However, with the brilliant Rustic Cooler, you can easily stock enough food and drinks outside to cover for the entire evening without having to constantly move in and out of the house. What’s more, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy with your friends.

The refrigerator-to-cooler creative conversion sounds complicated and also expensive but it is a lot simpler than you may imagine. If you got an old and broken refrigerator resting idly in the garage then the entire project will cost you approximately $40 on the higher end. Furthermore, you only need common tools such as saws, drills and screw drivers. On the other hand, if you don’t have an old refrigerator around then you can get one from a particular commercial store at a throw-away price. The whole cooler conversion process takes about two days to reach completion, so what other better time to work on it other than a weekend.

The reclaimed outer wood for the cooler is from wood pellets that can be easily transformed into the correct shape and length. The first step is to lightly dismantle the fridge; it basically entails pulling out the screws and taking out electronics and shelving. Afterwards, you can paint the fridge depending on your taste. The next step is to cover all the sides and the top with the already prepared wood without forgetting to add a firm base as well as casters for portability. After all, it feels great to move up and about with your sweet cooler. For final touches, it’s important to add some rope catches and handles so as to easily prop up the lids. It is also fancy to to attach a small chalkboard for labeling contents and also for short texts for your guests.

One can never go wrong with a Rustic Cooler. It is a perfect fit for many occasions. Talk of yard parties to picnics as well as enterprise ventures. It got you covered in all dimensions.

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