Matching Hair And Contact Lenses Color

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Matching Hair And Contact Lenses Color

Many people find fault with their physical appearance, electing to have surgical procedures on various parts of their body, in search of their ideal, particularly the head and face. Nose reconstructions, hair transplants, lift and tucks here and there and everywhere; indeed all manner of bits and pieces tampered with, in the pursuit of a more favourable look. The one part of the face that people previously were stuck with though, was their eyes. However, even these can now be altered through the wearing of colored contact lenses.

Some people wear these just for a bit of fun, maybe to attend a specific occasion, such as Halloween, or a themed party; whereas others genuinely wish to change and go onto obtain a prescription to change their contact lenses color. In doing so, there is a need to ensure that the chosen shade is the right one to match their particular hair color.

Blondes for example, always look good with blue eyes, giving them a striking and vibrant appearance, that is often the envy of many. A fresh green also has a dramatic effect, set alongside blonde locks and a pale skin, whilst somewhere in between, maybe a violet kind of shade, will provide a slightly mystical aspect. A deep green however, really does suit a redhead. There is an electrifying contrast between the two and certainly induces admiring glances.

It might be expected that somebody with brown hair would look to find a real contrast and if set against a blue lens, it would definitely get people noticed; but really the best combination is actually another shade of brown. Hazel also works very well, especially with a darker brown. Black hair however, is able to match up with pretty much any color contact lens available. The dark contrast can highlight any shade, and is sure to create a feature look which can be as understated, or extravagant as an individual chooses.

The changes that contact lenses color can achieve is quite remarkable and proves that the eyes are the one characteristic that really define people. They represent an individuals identity, so altering them should be done only after careful consideration. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth taking the opportunity, if only to experiment for a day or two. That is the beauty of color contact lenses, they are not permanent and basically anyone can change them as many times as they like, until they find one that really suits their personality.

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