MD Contractor License, you can likewise demand a sent application by calling (334) 272-5030. Both general temporary worker and subcontractor permit applications incorporate a point by point rundown of prerequisites.

Fulfill Requirements and Obtain Required Documents Applicants for Home Improvement License are required to make the accompanying strides:

Register your business name

Contact the Maryland Home Improvement Commission to check name accessibility (at 410-230-6309) preceding enrolling your name.

Give evidence of total assets

To get your Home Improvement License you are required to give a budget summary your application. Note that the total assets (resources – liabilities) must be in any event $20,000.

Give land and bank explanations

On the off chance that land is recorded on your budget summary you should give a duplicate of your present property appraisal notice(s).

Give a credit report

Alongside your application you should present a current, unique credit report (no more seasoned than 90 days). You can get a credit report through Annual Credit Report.

Submit testament of risk protection

Evidence of general risk protection of $50,000 or increasingly should be submitted.

Present a duplicate of conviction records

You are required to give a duplicate of all conviction records in regards to lawful offenses (and any wrongdoing feelings identifying with a home improvement exchange) alongside a letter of clarification of every conviction in addition to evidence of finishing of parole/probation.

Pass Examination To get your Home Improvement License, you should breeze through a temporary workers’ test covering laws and guidelines.

Obtain Your Contractor License Bond In the territory of Maryland all Home Improvement License candidates must furnish a positive total assets explanation with their contractual worker permit bond application. If it’s not too much trouble contact the city or area where you envision working for complete data.

Present Your MD Contractor License Application

The most effective method to round out your application

It would be ideal if you complete and print (clearly in ink) your Home Improvement Application. Ensure all fields are finished and all supporting documentation is connected.

The Master Electrician and Plumber License applications must be finished on the web.

Permitting and Application Fees

A check or cash request (with the application charges) must be made payable to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission and sent with the application.

New permit application:

Application expense: $250

Insurance Fund Contribution: $100

Preparing charge: $20

Test expense: $63

Additional data in regards to charges can be found on DLLR’s Forms and Fees page.

Postage information

Present your Home Improvement License application bundle alongside a photograph and significant charges to: Maryland Home Improvement Commission

P.O. Box 17409

Baltimore, Maryland 21297-1409

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