Oasys Acuvue Astigmatism Advantages

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Oasys Acuvue Astigmatism Advantages

If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, it means that the lens or cornea of your eye has distorted curvature. If you have this condition, the shape of your eye’s cornea or lens is not the round shape of a normal eye; rather it is more oval shaped like an American football. When the lens and cornea are curved similarly in all directions in eyes with normal curvature, light rays are focused directly onto the retina which is at the back of the eyes. But, when your cornea or lens is not curved equally, the light rays are not focused or refracted correctly. In such a case, you will have what is normally referred to as a refractive error.

Basically, there are two forms of astigmatism. If you have a distorted cornea shape, you have what is called corneal astigmatism. But, if you have a distorted lens shape, it means you have lenticular astigmatism. Either way, your eyesight is affected if there is a refractive error. If you suffer from astigmatism, the solution for you is prescription contact lenses, particularly Oasys Acuvue astigmatism contact lenses.

The reason why this brand of contact lenses is so popular amongst contact lens wearers who have astigmatism these days is because of its exclusive material which is not found in other types of contact lenses. Because of this new material, the lenses are extremely comfortable. They are also highly recommended because their oxygen transmission is also very high. Because of the high oxygen transmission, your eyes are kept healthy and you experience maximum comfort whilst wearing them for the whole day.

Oxygen Transmission

For the sake of your eyes’ health, it is vital for you to wear contact lenses that transmit enough oxygen. A lack of adequate oxygen may result in issues like eye redness and swelling of the cornea. Oasys Acuvue lenses allow more oxygen to pass through them because of silicone which is added to the material utilized to make the lenses. When silicone is added, the material becomes more permeable, and this allows more oxygen to pass through the lens. Because Oasys Acuvue lenses are made from material with silicone hydrogel added to it, up to 500% more oxygen can go through the lenses when compared with other brands.

Because contact lenses are placed directly on the surface of the eye, it is important to make sure that you choose ones that will help to maintain the health of your eyes. And, Oasys Acuvue astigmatism do exactly that. They also provide maximum all day comfort.

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