Pole Dancing And Fitness: Does It Help You Lose Weight?


Pole Dancing And Fitness: Does It Help You Lose Weight?

More women are getting conscious about their weight and dream of achieving a bikini body again. However, lifting weights or running an excruciating marathon is not exactly how you envision yourself shedding those extra pounds. Fortunately, there are alternative for weight loss out there, and one of them is pole dancing.

But pole dancing for weight loss? No, thanks. It’s easy to cringe at the thought, especially when this type of dancing is associated with a not-so-decent profession. However, if we could be a little bit open-minded, pole dancing has some real health benefits.

Without further ado, here is a quick overview of how pole dancing lessons Sydney can help you shed off those excess pounds:

1. Working Your Muscles

Pole dancing requires you to use most of your body muscles. Back muscles are exercised when you climb your way up the pole or glide around to the bottom. You also work your back muscles when you hold an inverted position on the pole.

Without a doubt, you will be working your biceps and triceps as well. You need your arms to hoist yourself or climbing up the pole. The triceps are triggered as you glide downwards in an inverted position. Each pull and push action you perform on the pole triggers the biceps and triceps.

Besides working muscles, you are also learning how to coordinate and balance your body. Coordination is needed to help you control how you turn or spin in a stationary position while on the pole.

We cannot forget to mention that your hips and glutes also benefit from a pole dancing workout. Most upright and invited tricks on a pole work your glutes and activate your ab muscles as well.

2. Pole Dancing and Dieting

Pole dancing is good exercise as it literally works all your body muscles. The secret to building muscle is by moving slowly and being more coordinated on the pole. With more practice, you get the hang of it and you definitely feel the intensity of the workout after each session.

Now pair your pole dancing workout with clean eating. There are plenty of diet plans you can find online that suit your body type. Ensure you are getting enough carbs and proteins for the strength and stamina required to do the various tricks you learn on the pole.


You no longer have to look down on pole dancing as a suitable workout routine. If you still feel shy about pole dancing in a public studio, you can have the necessary equipment installed in your home. Happy dancing and losing weight!

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