Quick Healthy Recipes For All

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Quick Healthy Recipes For All

A common complaint when it comes to eating healthy is the factor that there are not a lot of fast options to choose from. While it can often be a little bit more time consuming to eat healthy, it is not impossible. In fact, there are plenty of quick healthy recipes out there for people to try without having much cooking knowledge at all. Here are three recipes that are extremely popular.

Burrito Bowls

One of most popular fast food concepts in the last decade has been the burrito bowl. Many of these restaurants will use some sort of assembly line, which shows just how easy it is to make at home with the right ingredients. The best part is these can be made in bulk, saving not only time, but money as well.

In order to keep things fresh, a person can change up the ingredients every so often. Going with a different meat is just one way to make a burrito bowl a little bit different in the end. Everyone should tinker around with things to find just the right combination that is tasty for them. Once it is perfected, it becomes a lot easier to make over and over.


As we learn more about carbohydrates, it is becoming pretty clear that they should be avoided as much as possible. In the past, people might use meatballs to go with pasta or in some type of sandwich. However, just by themselves they can be pretty tasty as well.

It all comes down to the right type of sauce, and of course some type of side that complements it well. Going with brown rice or roasted vegetables is always a good option with meatballs because it is very healthy.

Meatballs might not be made of the healthiest meat out there, but the good news is that they are very easy to prepare. It only takes a little bit of time to get them ready for consumption, and they are easy to warm up later on as well.


Eating a bowl of chili can be very filling, and it is a relatively quick healthy recipe option for people as long as it is not loaded with a ton of extras like cheese and sour cream. Some of those extras can be tolerated, but no one wants to go with too much.

Preparing chili is easy as well, especially in a crock pot. The best part is that chili can be made vegetarian style too for those who do not want to consume meat. This is the easiest type of soup to throw together, and it lasts a while.

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