What It Takes To Succeed As A Travel Blogger


What It Takes To Succeed As A Travel Blogger

Anyone can start a travel blog and become a blogger. Yes, the barrier to entry is very thin, which has its pros and cons. For instance, there are thousands of personal travel blogs that you will find online today—and standing out from the crowd can be quite daunting. So, how can you succeed as a travel blogger? Well, here are personal tips from the widely celebrated Elaisha Jade, the female black travel blogger:

1. Polish your writing skills: without sugarcoating anything, no one is going to spend his or her precious time on a boring story of your trip to Italy. Good writing coupled with interesting destinations is going to keep your readers coming back. If you are just starting and not confident enough about your blogging skills, you can start with a series of writing classes to help you boost your ability to tell a great story to your audience.

2. Focus on a niche: Don’t be afraid to major on a niche. Well, sometimes only a few people will get your approach but soon you will amass tons of passionate and loyal readers. And that’s where the money is! As any other professional bloggers out there will confirm, it is much better to have a small following that believes in your work than be a generalist that seldom gathers reactions from readers.

3. Strive to be as personal as possible: Generally, travel blogging is more compelling if you put yourself in front of your audience and open up as much as possible. Yes, don’t be ashamed to share your struggles and passions, and interact with your audience in the comments sections and on social media. By forging a more personal connection, your readers will naturally want to stay in touch and keep reading every piece that you write.

4. Invest in your photography: visuals are very critical parts of blogging these days, especially in the travel niche. Photos can help you convey fast a sense of place. Strive to invest in DSLR cameras to up your photo qualities and convey professionalism and authority to readers. What’s more, good photos are more likely to be shared by your readers, which lead to more exposure and even more opportunities.

5. Embrace Guest blogging: when you are just starting, no one will know if you really exist. One of the best ways to change this is to write blog posts on other popular travel blogs with bigger audience, and gradually siphon some of their followers to your blog.

Professional travel blogging is hard, and that’s why most travel blogs will be lucky to last for more than 2 years. Implement the above highlighted tips and take your travel blogging career to another level.

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