Things To Know When You Are Buying Silk Rugs

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Things To Know When You Are Buying Silk Rugs

Purchasing the Best Rugs

If you are thinking of buying a silk rug, you have a great pick. The silk rugs add to the glamour and beauty of your interior. In fact, in most modern interior designs, the professionals use rugs as wall decorations rather than to put them on the floor. The silk carpets have stunning designs, a variety of colors, and tight weaving. Of course, when you walk on the rugs, you will get a lovely feel. In all essence, silk rugs are a work of art. Since silk carpet is an enhance and luxury form of a regular carpet, it comes at a premium cost. When you are buying a rug, the undermentioned tips will help you in purchasing and keeping a silk rug.

The Features to Authenticate

When buying the rug, you need to check for certain features to ensure you get the top-quality silk carpet. Check out the sheen, and always go for the rugs that have a high shine. Silk is an expensive material, and it shows when you compare the silk rug with the regular carpet. Make sure you check for smoothness, the silky feeling of the article, and the finishing of the rug before you make the purchase.

Confirm the Genuineness of the Rugs You Buy

You do not want to purchase a beautiful rug with a high cost only to learn years later that you did not buy a genuine silk rug. A safe bet is to go to reputable brand stores that may even provide a certificate of genuineness. If you do not have the expertise of checking for genuine silk work in the rug, you can also tag along with an interior designer with you who can check the carpet for you. Having an expert with you, especially at a time when you are buying the rugs of an on-going interior decoration would ensure you get the genuine article.


Make sure you clean the silk rug, so it does not lose its shine and smell. Instead of hard scrubbing, you should make a schedule of vacuuming the carpet every five to ten days. You have to keep the vacuum light and do not use the brush roll configuration as it can damage the rug fiber. It is also pertinent to mention that, along with your cleaning, and you should go for professional silk rug cleaning at least once every six months.

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