Top 4 Five-Minute Team Building Activities To Keep Your Employees Happy At Work


Top 4 Five-Minute Team Building Activities To Keep Your Employees Happy At Work

When it comes to corporate team building, a little can go a long way. When your employees find that your organization is fun to work in, most of them will stick around. As an employer, you will also build your reputation. The best way to achieve all these is knowing the best team building activities to organize for your employees. To help you out, here are top five-minute team building activities that you can leverage to keep your employees excited at the workplace.

1. Compliment carrousel

Put one or a few employees in the middle of the room. They should be standing and have their eyes closed. You can then let the other members to pass by them one at a time and whisper short compliments in their ears. Receiving compliment through a whisper without knowing where the compliment is coming from has been proven to have a deep and touching impact.

2. Guided Visualization

Allow your team member to choose their happy corners, without asking any question. With the help of breathwork coach or therapist, let them breathe deeply while focusing on some pleasant activities or positive images to replace any negative notions or images that they have had. This activity helps in boosting mindfulness.

3. Play a quiz

Playing a quiz is another 5 minutes team building activity that can add a good vibe to your employees. Prepare a unique indoor quiz with around 5 to 10 questions and let every team member pick a space in the room that represents an answer. Whenever an answer is false, members will sit on the side. The rest of the team can then proceed until you are left with one winner. You can also play the game with a digital response tool.

4. Who am I

For this activity, you can either come with a wide range of object drawn on a plain paper or ask team members to quickly draw random objects (strive to keep them as family friendly as possible). If possible, you can also come with a theme of the objects. Stick the pieces of paper on everyone’s back with a tape and where they cannot see them. Once every team member has an object on their back, instruct them to go around the room asking their colleagues for clues as to who they are. Ensure that they only ask YES and NO questions to gather possible clues. Employees who guess what they are correctly can remove the papers from their backs. This activity involves asking creative questions and can go a long way in fostering positive interaction between your employees.

Final Thoughts

There are several team building activities that you can organize for your employees. The above highlighted are some of the easiest and shortest activities that you can consider for your next short corporate team building event. Remember, irrespective of the activity that you choose, keep it light and fun.

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