Top 5 Trends In The UK Business Marketing Industry


Top 5 Trends In The UK Business Marketing Industry

The core objective of putting up a business is selling your products and services. And to make sales, people need to be aware of your brand. That’s where business marketing comes in. However, the world of marketing is very dynamic, especially in the modern era of tech, social media, and audience analytics. Every business needs to stay top of these changes or trends to successfully reach their target audience. For inspiration you need a business consulting services, also here are the top five trends that will help give you an edge in your marketing.

1. Ephemeral Video Content

If you use Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp and Facebook, you must have come across videos that disappear after 24 hours. It began in 2017 and has been gaining momentum. It’s among the top marketing strategies and any digital marketing agency that’s worth its reputation is currently utilizing it. Now brands with a significant following on these platforms stay in touch with their followers through these types if videos. It’s a great way to share information and links with your audience, which in turn lead them to your site.

2. Chabots

Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest topics in the marketing industry today. And the Chabot is one of the most implemented forms of AI. A lot of marketers are utilizing these bots to interact with customers in a personalized way. Some even have integrated FAQs, meaning that consumers will always get their concerns covered.

3. Influencer Marketing Integration

Influencer marketing has been a hot topic in the marketing field for a while. And for sure, it’s a strategy that’s experiencing exponential growth. Perhaps, more marketers are embracing this marketing trick due to its high potential to drive their brand’s messages to the entire market. The irreversible veracity about this method is that nowadays, consumers put more trust in friends and celebrities in general. It is that trust that top marketers are leveraging to push their products and services.

4. Use of Social Messaging Apps in Communication

Recently there has been an increased use of messaging apps. This trend has witnessed massive mentions in most marketing debates. To prove its authenticity, the latest stats show that more than 50% of Facebook and WhatsApp audience have used these apps to sell their products and services. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years with more tweaks being done on those social platforms.

5. Live Broadcasting

You can interact with millions of prospects around the world through a live stream feature integrated in Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Stats show that Facebook live broadcast draws 135% more organic views than image posts. So, this is a tactic that you shouldn’t miss in your social media strategy.

Finally, if you’d like to drive massive sales anytime from now, feel free to incorporate some of these trendy strategies of reaching out to your target audience. They could be the gateway for your business to blossom.

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