Understanding The Psychedelic Effects Of Nepal’s Mad Honey

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Understanding The Psychedelic Effects Of Nepal’s Mad Honey

Honey is naturally sweet and is an amazing medicinal product. There is one different honey type, however, that can get you stoned and it originates from Nepal. It’s called Mad Honey Nepal and it’s not new in the psychedelic world. Contrary to what people think, it doesn’t make you crazy as the term implies. Most people call it that way because it’s rare and so it’s crazily-tough job looking for it. Mad honey is a powerful neurotoxin that can get you high even with the smallest of doses. It can also cause hallucination, among other psychedelic effects.

The Composition

In appearance, mad honey is deep red. This is due to a neurotoxin called grayanotoxin that is manufactured by wild bees from the flowers of rhododendron tree species. Pieces of evidence show that the neurotoxin can cause serious effects if overdosed but can be medicinal if used in small doses. Some of the conditions that low-dose mad honey can be used to treat include high blood pressure, pains, arthritis, and diabetes. Some take mad honey to improve their libido and sex life.

The Psychedelic Experience

Most users take mad honey for its psychedelic effects and not because of its medical effects. The psychedelic effects are also linked to the neurotoxin grayanotoxin. The toxin binds strongly to sodium ion cells in the brain. This is where it exercises its psychedelic effects.

The channels leading to the sodium ion cells are depolarized (rendered open). Their depolarization is associated with calcium influx. An increase in calcium level stimulates the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. It’s the release of this neurotransmitter that stimulates brain activities. One of the effects is the feeling of being high.

For some users, especially those who are madly addicted to mad honey, the effects are heightened by episodes of hallucinations. But still, more conclusive research needs to be done to support the use of mad honey for psychedelic effects. It’s also advisable to only take small and pre-advised doses.


Mad Honey Nepal not only has the potential of getting you high but it can also drive you mad, literary when looking for it. This explains why it’s referred to as mad honey by millions of its users globally. The psychedelic effects are irresistible and the medicinal effects impressive. To get good mad honey, you need to buy from verified sources. Some of the potential places of getting mad honey are Amazon and eBay. Before you purchase from these sites, however, strive to ask the seller whether the honey is sourced from areas that are famed for mad honey such as Nepal.

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