Using Industrial Flood Lighting For Commercial And Residential Light Setups


Using Industrial Flood Lighting For Commercial And Residential Light Setups

There are various ways to use industrial flood lighting in everyday living. Previously, this lighting setup was limited to lighting large areas like sports stadiums. However, today floodlights can be used in a variety of applications both commercial and residential.

Your lighting needs will determine the type of industrial flood lighting to get. Ideally, you want a lighting setup that will be able to light the exact area you want. In addition, industrial flood lights can be customized to illuminate specific areas you want them to.

Types of industrial flood lighting

Industrial flood lights are differentiated in terms of size, how they work, and the amount of power they carry. Size here refers to how tall or short the floodlight will be in relation to the area it is lighting. For an entire estate, consider a flood light mounted on a standard pole with a length of 15 to 20 feet.

Next, you have to decide how many LED lights will be mounted on the pole. For a small area, one LED light with the right amount of wattage will suffice. On the other hand, a large area may require about a setup of four 150 watts LED lamps to be properly lit.

The design of the industrial floodlight matters as well, especially for residential lighting. Consider an industrial flood light with a swivel design. This allows you to move the light freely to light up specific spots you want. Moreover, you can use colored bulbs to provide a warm or cool ambiance, especially if the lighting setup is for an entertainment venue.

Some flexible industrial flood lights are fixed but with a movable hinge. This hinge can be twisted up to 120 degrees to cover a wider area with the light. Such lighting setups use halogen lamps which can carry up to 500 watts of power.

How to buy industrial flood lighting

First, determine how the light is going to be used. Understanding your needs will go a long way in helping you search for the specific flood light with the design and wattage you want. There are plenty of websites selling different types of floodlights in various designs. Do a little window shopping to compare prices and specifications before settling on a product.

Final Thoughts

By and large, Industrial flood lighting is handy when you want to light large areas on a budget. They come in different shapes, sizes, and the bulbs provide varying amounts of power. Your specific lighting needs should help you determine the type of floodlight you want to install.

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