Vintage Vixen: 4 Closet Additions To Take You Back In Time


Vintage Vixen: 4 Closet Additions To Take You Back In Time

Have you fallen in love with vintage? An old soul? Are you drawn to styles that were long before your time? While it can feel a little expensive to start a vintage closet, timeless pieces make basics work into a classic look without breaking the bank.

Here are our 4 favorite ways to add a touch of timeless style to your wardrobe

An Organza Trench Coat, organza is timeless. Pair it with the right hues and you’ll be both ladylike… and boldly different. Organza flows sweetly with your favorite a-line dress but also adds a beautiful mod touch to pantsuits for spring and summer.

A Perfectly Primped Wig

Achieving vintage hairstyles can take time and practice… quite a bit of practice. From victory rolls to the finger waves of the roaring 20s, it takes much less time and much less frustration to simply buy a dashing vintage-esque wig to go with your favorite vintage looks. If you are going to be wearing a cloche hat or a vintage inspired headpiece you can get away with a cheaper wig. If you want something more natural, go with a lace front wig with proper plucking.

T-Strap Heels

From the 20’s to the 50’s, t-straps were a staple of speakeasies and wartime dance parties. No matter what era you are going for, a t-strap is sexy while still being timeless. They are also incredibly easy to walk in as the design was made especially for balance keeping on the dance floor!

High Waist Trousers

If you want to create an hourglass shape, high waist trousers are always the way to go. Add extra style with a cinch belt or a delicate vintage skinny belt with fine detail. If you aren’t sure what top to wear, a fitted off the shoulder is always a safe bet. Study the style of the time that you adore and screenshot outfits you love. This will help you shop for the tops that stand out and also ensure that you feel confident that the look not only works but looks fabulous!

Building the perfect Organza Trench Coat takes time. The starlets of Hollywood’s golden years built their closets for DECADES… and often carried purses, donned accessories and recycled favorite dresses years later. That’s the beauty of timeless style. You don’t have to worry about coming and going with the trends. Your look will stay cemented in each era… timelessly, stylishly YOU.

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