What Green Living Walls Can Do For You


What Green Living Walls Can Do For You

Among the current architecture trends, green living walls are particularly suited for urban environments. These vertical gardens take up virtually no floor space at all yet they can cover a large amount of surface area by going higher. If you ever wanted to get a new look for your house or building, then consider this addition and get the following benefits:

Reduce Building Temperature

Most of the buildings today feature concrete walls for durability. While this is a good material, it tends to absorb a great deal of heat from the sun. This heat is stored inside the building, keeping it hot even at night until temperatures normalize early in the morning — then the cycle happens again. This is quite a burden on the cooling system. It needs to work harder than it should to lower indoor temperatures. It draws a lot of energy which comes at a great cost. A green wall can lower the building’s temperature by absorbing sunlight.

Purify Greywater for Reuse

Advanced green walls may be connected to a building’s greywater system. The water that has been collected from the sinks and washrooms may be repurposed as sustenance for the plants. These plants will, in turn, lessen the pollutants present in the water. This may be enough to make the water suitable for other purposes.

Make the Building More Attractive

One thing that most can agree on is that green walls design make building a lot more attractive. In fact, they could be made into feature walls for the fa├žade or the lobby for maximum views. They certain make things visually interesting compared to a plain painted surface. A creative landscape artist can turn this into a statement piece that will surely draw attention with various colors and designs.

Enhance Air Quality

Everyone knows just how polluted the air is in urban areas. Cars, factories, and machines produce harmful substances. These can adversely affect our respiratory health. Even indoor air quality can be worse than we think due to the dirt and dust that accumulates over time. If there are large numbers of people in an area, then carbon dioxide buildup is also an issue. Plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen so they are perfect for solving this problem.

Improve Occupants’ Wellbeing

There are buildings that simply make people sick. They feel unwell inside and get better almost as soon as they step out. It is hard to trace the source of the problem but perhaps adding a green wall or two can alleviate the situation. If nothing else has worked, then it could be worth a shot.

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