Where To Find The Best Meat Restaurant Sydney


Where To Find The Best Meat Restaurant Sydney

For serious meat lover, Sydney is home to various quality butchers. If you are after the steak restaurants in Sydney, there are plenty of places to go. The best places for steak allow you to customize the cut of your choice and the accompanying condiments and aging time.

The best steaks are cooked by a chef who understands what cuts of meat are the most tender and flavourful. This is often achieved through dry aging. A top steak restaurant also has a special basting recipe to add extra flavor.

Bistro Moncur in Woollahra is one of Sydney’s most famous steak restaurants. This classic French restaurant has been serving steak lovers for over 25 years. It’s a great place to get a high-quality meaty meal with a few glasses of wine. Their menu is made up of tender wagyu skirt steaks, as well as splayed roasting pigs.

Another place in Sydney specializing in steak is Luke Powell’s Chippendale eatery. While the menu at this eatery is small, it does have some of the most tender steaks you will find. There are many cuts to choose from, including the famous tomahawk rib eye, which weighs between 1.6-1.9 kg.

Another notable occurrence is the “little black book” of specialty cuts. At this Sydney restaurant, you can order many cuts, including 600-day Flank and 450-day grain-fed Ribeye Wagyu.
One of the more modern steakhouses in the city is Black Bar & Grill in the Star Casino. With floor-to-ceiling windows and epic views, this is an ideal location to enjoy a juicy entree. Although they have a variety of steaks on their menu, their boneless rib eye cap is the most succulent.

Another lauded meat eatery in Sydney is the Meat & Wine Co. Located in three locations across the city; this restaurant has a wide range of delicious meats and sides. You can even take your meal home. In addition to their impressive range of cuts, they offer a selection of heavenly sauces.

Another place to check out is Botswana Butchery. Located in Martin Place, this butcher shop has a wide range of Australian meats on its menu. They even offer live crustaceans in glass tanks.

Finally, the most luxurious steak in Sydney is the one from Ester. This consistently rated Sydney restaurant has one of the best steaks in the city. Moreover, they change their menu seasonally to reflect the best in Australian produce. Using Australian produce, the restaurant uses its Montague broiler to prepare the steaks. Served with a side of salsa asada, it is a steak you won’t miss.

Other high-end steak restaurants in Sydney include Porteno in Surry Hills and The Gidley in the city’s basement. Both offer an array of tasty cuts, as well as a range of interesting cocktails.

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