Why Install An Epoxy Kitchen Floor?


Why Install An Epoxy Kitchen Floor?

Epoxy kitchen floor coating is a method of providing a protective surface for concrete floors. The epoxy application is a simple process that involves a chemical such as epoxy, a hardener such as sodium bicarbonate, a sealer such as silicon carbide, and some kind of backing agents such as wood putty or caulk. When all these components are combined, they provide a hard-wearing, waterproof, slip-resistant, and paintable coating over concrete flooring.

Benefits of Epoxy Kitchen Floor Coating

There are many different advantages to using an epoxy coating for your floors. Epoxy is exceptionally durable and robust and can withstand years of heavy foot traffic and a wide range of temperatures. These two things are a necessity for any kitchen and garage flooring. If you do not have these floorings, then you should consider coating your floors.

Epoxy is an excellent coating to use for a newly built kitchen or garage. It is also a great option if you are looking to protect a concrete floor already in place. If you are not certain whether the floor is concrete, you may want to call a professional installer. There are several types of epoxies, and some of the most commonly used ones are B-protek and Wedi-Protek. All of these provide excellent results, but there are differences between each type of coating.

When Applying the Coating

There are some things to check if you apply Epoxy Kitchen Floor Coating to your concrete floors. Before you start, you should ensure that the floor is absolutely clean. Any dirt, grease, or other materials could ruin the effectiveness of the epoxy coating. You will also want to make sure the floor is flat and free of cracks, scratches, or other damage.

Before you apply any coating, you will want to test the area where the coating will be applied. If any debris could get caught in the epoxy flooring, it could prevent the coating from sticking properly. Typically the manufacturer will provide an application guide that includes a test kit for easy testing. Once the area has been assessed as passable, you can begin applying the coating.

While applying Epoxy Kitchen Floor Coating may require a bit of work on your part, the result will provide you with a floor that will withstand years of hard use. While these installations cost you but these types of coatings can provide a high degree of protection for your floors for years to come.

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