Why Invest In ECO Green Walls


Why Invest In ECO Green Walls

Green living walls are a new innovation in homes and offices in various parts of the world. This state of the art system places your plant life in vertical structures that are then placed on your walls. They can be installed on the interior and exterior walls.

Green living walls have various benefits. The most obvious benefits include increasing the indoor air quality, reducing pollutants and ultimately being good for your overall health. As a bonus, these living green walls are also aesthetically appealing and creates a form of living wall art which is absolutely breathtaking.

According to research, living green walls can also increase the property value of your building. This is mainly because the system’s make use of efficient irrigation which can be seen as an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to the problem of our carbon footprint. Therefore it gives people the impression that your property is a modern building with an exceptionally improved carbon footprint.

Green walls are also good for staff morale. According to studies, simply looking at plants in the work environment has a positive effect on a person’s well-being. So the installation of the state-of-the-art structures inside the office environment gives employees the message that the company really is concerned with providing them with a healthy and also enjoyable work environment. Ultimately, this leads to increased productivity in the workplace.

Each living green wall is unique because it is specifically designed for individual projects. However, plants used on interior living walls are different from those that are used on exterior walls. Interior plants are more tropical and sourced from the southern hemisphere or states like Florida. Exterior plants are chosen based on climate zone as the plants need to be used in the correct zones. So plants are always chosen based on how they will survive zones higher than the location’s climate.

Typically, plants that have a wide range of tolerance tend to do well in green walls.

These walls are designed according to customer’s requirements and specifications. Therefore, you get to decide exactly how your green living wall is going to look. You can also create certain features to add to the living wall to spice it up. Ultimately, it needs to be compatible with the plant life and help to enhance the entire green living wall feature.

So if you are thinking of investing in eco green walls, this would be the best time to do it. So why not use these eco green walls to improve your health and ultimately the indoor air quality in your home or office environment.

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