Why These Garden Ideas Are Captivating Yet Frugal


Why These Garden Ideas Are Captivating Yet Frugal

Most of us toil in our gardens because we want to add vibrant color and life to an otherwise monochromatic yard. But when you consider pocket-friendly budgets you want small garden ideas, and that includes some affordable easy-care plants.

There are some plants that are guaranteed to please the eye while keeping more money in your pocket.

1. Roses. They bloom in the Summer, grow about 1 to 5 feet tall, and there are a wide variety of colors and many blends. They deliver bountiful beautiful color all summer, and many are matched with a delicious fragrance.

2. Ornamental Sage. They too bloom in the Summer and grow about 1 to 3 feet tall. They have small purple, pink and white flowers, and can be a great addition to mixed beds and decorative containers. They produce distinctive, pretty foliage that is colorful and does well in heat.

3. Alberta Spruce. This mini tree adds instant elegance to your outdoor area. It’s fast-growing, heat tolerant, and does well in cold weather.

4. Butterfly Bush. They bloom early to mid-summer months and can grow up to 10 feet high. Butterfly bush will also produce flowers in a range of colors, like purple, red, pink and white plumes. It’s great for the backyard because it offers great exuberant color that attracts butterflies.

Small garden ideas also include non-plant aids, like accents with clay pots. Large terra-cotta containers filled with blooms can turn an eyesore or otherwise uninspiring area into a regal and inviting backyard.

Achieving great color requires a little elbow work, like Mulching. It’s easy and cheap to pad an inch or two of mulch around your plants, and the benefits are worth the work. Mulch helps keep weeds at bay and looks much neater. You can also try organic mulches like cocoa bean hulls, wood chips, or use shredded leaves.

You’ll also need to feed them. Fertilizer is often overlooked or overdosed. Provide some regular food every few weeks during the growing season and watch the vibrant color become intensified.

Use Creative Containers

A scattering of color around the yard is a great alternative for cost-conscious gardeners who aren’t ready to transform their entire landscape into a botanical garden. One of the easiest ways to freshen up your containers is to consider what type of pot to use. As mentioned before, a few terra-cotta containers can make all the difference, but you can also be more creative and use various items as a decorative accent.

Simply drill a hole in the bottom of your container, and layer with gravel to keep excess water from rotting plant roots. Arranging container displays is a big part of your creativity. Be bold and express yourself with different approaches to gardening.

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